Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Half Life 2

Half Life 2 this game has jst rocked me this gaem has all thethings required to keep me glued.

The game has gr8 Graphics,Gr8 story line,Awsome Weapons and even mind blowing game play.

let us see
the ratings i wil be giving

Designing 9/10
AI 6/10
gameplay 8/10
graphics 9/10
sound 8/10
music 10/10
weapons 9/10

Dr freeman is looking gr8 in this game and even the G-Man
the dudes who like FPS shud defnitely try this

note: If u dont hav graphics card then dont play this game coz its insulting the work that has been put into the game

for sachin The next big thing that is on due chart is HALO 2 wait for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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